Gabba Gabba Huh? – Talks! Episode 68 – The Bowman Brothers Return!

by Mike Phillips

This week I got my friends Jon and Jordan Bowman to come over and talk about what Warboys US are up to, and what they're up to in general. We kind of go all over the place as this one was just sort of thrown together, and since their stories have already been told, we had plenty of wiggle room for what we could talk about! Expect some general musician talk, peppered with stories about turning teacher's yards into golf courses, making Dick Tracy videos at Disney World, and all kinds of other stuff!

Songs for GGHT68:

Warboys US – Thrilled to See You
Warboys US – Hot Brass
Warboys US – Who Ya Think Ya Foolin?
Warboys US – Do It Now
Warboys US – God of Mischief

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