Gabba Gabba Huh? – Talks! Episode 70 – Luke Edwards Returns!

by Mike Phillips

New year, new format? Sort of! Gabba Gabba Huh? is back with a tighter, more focused episode for your listening pleasure! This doesn't mean that the longer, artist's journey, style episodes are done, but expect a good mix of the two as I intend to bring you more consistent content for your ears this year! This week, I once again visit with Luke Edwards at his home in Shelby, NC to catch up on what's been going on with his Motörhead tribute band, Killed By Death. We also talk about the recent show he played with his former Animal Bag bandmate, Otis Hughes, about his town's relationship (or lack of) with heavier music, and round it out by talking about how a couple of old timers like us just have an addiction for this stuff! 

Featuring the song Tom by Animal Bag

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