Gabba Gabba Huh? – Talks! Episode 77 – Billy Riot (Soda City Riot)

by Mike Phillips

This week I decided to follow up my Chuck Walker interview (if you haven't listened, do that. Now), with another South Carolina episode, and with someone that got mentioned in that interview, and spoke with Billy Riot via Skype. We talk about his music, his podcasts, getting sober, and finding God. We also cover how he and Chuck became friends and the things they're going to be doing together in the very near future! 

Soda City Riot:

Billy Riot:

Songs for GGHT77:

Gameboy – (unknown song title, from demo available at
Rhythm Mechanic – Quarantine Banger 2020 Vol. 1 (
The Black Iron Gathering – Walk Into Another Day (
Soda City Riot – Yachts and Wars
Billy Riot – My Mother Doesn't Know I'm a Punk Rocker

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