JEMD ART – Turning Vinyl Into Unique Treasures

Upcycling used records allows NC couple to find their niche

by David Turner

Over a year ago Beth and Jason, from the NC Triad area, started a new business called JEMD ART, as an outlet for their passion for crafting. Along with wooden and fabric art, they soon discovered that a lot could be created by “upcycling” vinyl records.

“Our mission is to responsibly upcycle materials, keeping records and other plastics out of landfills. We had been scroll sawing for some time when we discovered vinyl record crafts such as clocks and pour painting records. Our first carving was of Jim Morrison using a hot knife and that turned into a sticky mess quickly, so we tried the scroll saw and that’s when the spark of inspiration caught fire.”

Caught fire, indeed! They have been prolific in the amount of amazing art they’ve been producing since!

“Now every single day we’re enjoying making and cutting new designs as well as other upcycling experiments such as earrings, bracelets, clocks and flower pots.”

One thing they utilize is portraiture. Using high contrast (usually black and white) pictures they make a pattern to cut out of the damaged record.  Then, they use jewelers files and a rotary tool with a fine diamond bit to refine those cuts and clean any rough edges.

“The carved records are individually numbered on the back (making it one of a kind) because we occasionally do a variation that is similar to a previous design. If the record has not been cut into much on the label area, we offer custom labels.”

Over the summer they discovered a way to backlight their artwork using plexiglass and a remote controlled LED puck light. While experimenting with that process they started making simple display stands (without a light or acrylic disc) that they offer for free with the purchase of compatible carvings.

Last Fall they started experimenting with different designs for earrings . During that time they found that they could also repurpose distilled water bottles for the earring cards:

"There isn't a day that goes by that we don't learn something new or a better way to achieve our goals!"

You can currently find their products on display and available at:

As well as directly from them via their Instagram and Facebook pages! 

Custom orders are welcome. And anyone interested in displaying and/or distributing their artwork and products can also contact them via social media or at


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