Sleepy Poet in Charlotte has a new location, and opens the “Poet’s Vault” for Vinyl Enthusiasts

New dedicated area on South Blvd. offers up an excellent selection of vinyl records, new and used, from multiple vendors all under one roof.

by David Turner

Opened Nov. 1st, 2021 in Charlotte, NC

Vinyl collectors in the Charlotte area of course are familiar with the Sleepy Poet, an expansive antique mall on South Blvd. that has been a “honey pot” location for crate digging for many years. What some might not have heard about was they announced earlier this year that they were relocating to a new location a little further South. 

Even bigger news potentially for vinyl lovers was the announcement of a new expansion dubbed “The Poet’s Vault” that was set to open at the new location as well. 

As of November 1st, 2021, the new Sleepy Poet Antique Mall and “The Poet’s Vault” made their debut at the new address. (6424 South Blvd. to be exact)

At 5,000 sq. ft. they have laid out the store quite well, and even while now in soft-opening and still bringing in more inventory, the organizational aspects are really taking shape. They have at least 4 vinyl vendors included with thousands of used vinyl in stock, and they are increasing the amount of new releases and sealed vinyl. 

Much of the used vinyl was graded, and quite competitively priced.  This is also an entire room dedicated to “Dollar bin” and budget vinyl! 

You’ll also find a ton of great gift ideas, from Funko Pops to action figures, art and crystals and other related merchandise plus audio equipment and t-shirts. Truly something for everyone!

They are also buying vinyl and collections, so be sure to contact them for more information! 

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Their official grand opening is Nov. 19th – 21st. More info via their Facebook event page here

PRO TIP: Be sure to browse through the main “Sleepy Poet” side of the building. There is a ton of vinyl and other related items there also, including the well-known Chartreuse Vinyl booth


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