WNC Original Music – 223: Ep 153 Carrie Morrison pt 2

by WNC Original Music
Carrie Morrison didn’t learn better the first time so she joins the podcast this week, including live performances with Jamie Leigh Bennett and Andrew Thelston
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All music used by permission
Carrie Morrison’s music will break your heart – in the best way. Melodic and memorable, her songs make connections. The singer/songwriter/pianist, a native of Louisville, Ky., has been playing piano since age seven. She moved to WNC in 2004, and has been a popular act in the area for more than 15 years. Morrison is known for melodically strong songs with personal lyrics, ranging from the deeply emotional to the slightly silly. Her EP “Carolina Blonde” was released in 2013 and produced by the late Terry Wetton. Album “Miles and Miles” was produced by Chris Rosser, of award-winning ensemble Free Planet Radio, released in 2017. Her latest project, EP “The Neverwhere Sisters,” produced by Andrew Thelston and Daniel Nisbet, featuring cellist JamieLeighBennett, was released summer 2021. Morrison has had airplay on WTZQ and WNCW FM, and enjoys collaborations with several local artists onstage and in studio. Morrison is a teacher of Exceptional Children at Brevard High School. She is married to Mike, the love of her life, her champion, and best roadie.  (Something I am proud of: When I released “Miles and Miles,” I sold out the lounge at Isis and then *almost* sold out the mainstage hall, in advance. That show was one of the best nights of my life. Also, the version of “Highway Song” on that album featured Grammy-winning bass player Eliot Wadopian, who passed away earlier this year. RIP, Eliot. What a sweet man and virtuoso.)
Carrie Marshall – Jazz and Blues Vocalist. Songwriter. Artist. Actress. Storyteller. There are defining moments that shape the unique story of our lives. Carrie loves to share her story through musical performances, interweaving known classic jazz and blues standards with her versatile, award-winning original songs. Whether taking a “Sentimental Journey” or singing the blues, Carrie, a recent breast cancer survivor, shares hope, joy, struggle and peace through music. She encourages listeners to tap their toes to the beat of their own “syncopated rhythm”, finding gold in even the darkest of places. 


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